6 Best Cities to Open Your New Start-up Business

You may not know it yet, but cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, New York, and many more cities in the United States are the best and most-established, booming startup scenes that every new business owner would dream to go to. But one major downside of this dream is that all these cities are super-pricey plus the competition is super-steep. One of the main features you have to pay much focus on when starting a new business is the business location. Where is your business going to be located?

What makes a business location attractive?

Nothing attracts young people more than seeing other young people around in the same location, explains Yang. Look at it from this perspective, Seattle wasn’t such a big name back then as it is now. Back before Microsoft, Starbucks, and Amazon, all big names which have helped it grow exponentially. In Chicago, you will see Groupon which helped it in its capacity to be where it is now regarding rank and location. But overall, Starbucks and Amazon are probably the best brands you can have around your business location.

Why any of these cities may be the next Seattle

  1. Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh harbors some big company names like Amazon, Google, and Uber which have all helped raise its name in the list significantly. You will also notice the upsurge of universities as well as the increase of driving workforce, which has also made Pittsburgh one of the greatest innovation hubs.

  1. Indianapolis

The biggest skyscraper in Indy is about to be rebranded from Chase Bank to Salesforce. The company is currently still checking the tower, the shared workspaces and local retailers, and also the 800 new employees about to be employed in the skyscraper. Indy has also been listed as the 4th best city for all women when it comes to technology based on gender pay game, a study done by Financial tech company Smart Asset. It’s also a test market for the AT&T’s new 5G network. It is also Forbes’ best place for all renters in 2017.

  1. Providence

Rhode Island has also managed to create some major investments when it comes to entrepreneurship. For example, it attached GE Digital in 2016, Virgin, Johnson& Johnson, and a renowned Cambridge Innovation Center. It has ranked the number one country for applying mathematics.

  1. Columbus

Columbus is currently home to five fortunes 500 companies. It is also rapidly growing in the healthcare industry as well as major players like CoverMyMeds, CrossChx, and Cardinal Health based in this current location. This is the place to invest in and start a business while you still can.

  1. Charleston

Charleston has consistently been ranked as one of the best cities in the world repeatedly. It is home to over 250 technology companies with a digital economy that also ranks highly. Studies have shown that this country attracts about 35 new people every day who are looking to invest and start businesses in the country.

  1. Chiang Mai

Travel + Leisure named this city the second best in its list of the world’s best cities. Many ranking sites like Tech. Co and Forbes have made interesting cases of Chiang Mai. You can comfortably live on less than $500 a month while in this city of about 1.6 million citizens.

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