7 Personality Traits That All Employers Look For

The world has with it over 7 million professionals who are currently unemployed. Some have given up in life while others are still looking for work. If you fall into the unemployment category and are currently reading this article, then you must be looking for some of the traits that employers look or in new employee recruits. Majority of employers when using the Predictive Index and behavioral assessment when recruiting tend to look for specific skills. Well, luckily, you have come to the right place.

You need to realize that to most employers consider personality traits of their employees to be just as important as their technical skills. That being said, here are some seven personality traits that all employers usually look for and that you can use to increase your chances of landing a job in most businesses.

1. Can play well with others

Your ability to play well with others is one of the most vital personality traits that hiring managers are always looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert at the job itself, if you can’t play well with the other employees then it doesn’t really matter.

You should know that often times, you realize that technical skills are far easier to tech compared to the interpersonal skills. Can you easily hold a conversation with your other employees while smiling and also positively interact with everyone else? If so, then you might have a couple of points over your competitors for the job.

2. Has integrity


Talking about integrity, you need to realize that it covers just about everything from knowing better not to lie in your resume or steal someone else’s lunch. Trust and integrity play among the most crucial deciding factors when it comes to improving your chances of winning a position in any business as a new employee.

3. Eagerness and capacity to learn

People will always tell you that there is no end to learning. And the same goes for your career as well. You will also come to realize that even the realistic hiring managers use this process to choose the best candidate, from their long list, especially if the position/s that they are looking to fill need industry knowledge. The actual capacity to also learn is crucial as well as you will realize that beyond the skills that you already have, there are other skills and functions in the business that you may not have been exposed to yet.

4. Persistence

Hiring managers are looking to find the candidates who have the persistence and dedication to want to tackle all and any challenge brought to them. This simply shows that you are a self-starter and that you won’t need to be constantly monitored and pushed to perform. A persistent employee should be able to look at a problem from many different angles and attempt to solve it no matter how hard it is.

5. Positive attitude

A candidate who has a positive and optimistic outlook towards work has a much higher chance of being hired and the rest be left out. Bad mouthing your previous bosses is a terrible mistake that you must never make an interview no matter what you are applying for.

6. Enthusiasm for the role

Being enthusiastic about the role that you are going to be offered is another bonus point when it comes to having a chance to be employed in a new business. Employers are looking for candidates who are eager to advance and have a career drive to want to achieve more within the business and role in the business they have been offered.

7. Loyalty and commitment

Hiring managers are especially looking for the candidates who have a strong potential of staying loyal and committed to the business for the long-term. No employer is looking to hire a job hopper which has become the new job norm in the past years.

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