Have These 10 Questions Answered Before Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

When it comes to the issue of hiring a good office cleaning Toronto company, there are many things you need to look into. It is not always an easy task. But if you manage to do it right and land a great commercial cleaning company, you can end up developing a mutually beneficial partnership for many years to come. Here are some crucial questions that you need to ensure you have answered by the commercial cleaning company that you plan to hire.

1. Is The Staff Well Trained?

The level of service that the commercial cleaning company’s employees will offer depends entirely on the training they had. Plus, the tools that they use and how they use them are dependent on their employee training. That is why it is necessary that you ask this question. To know the level of service to expect the cleaning service workers to deliver.

2. Do They Have Insurance Cover?

Ensure that you only work with an office cleaning company that is not only insured, but also protects you should anything go wrong while their employees are working in your premises. Check for coverages like general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and the automobile liability insurance among others.

3. What Additional Services Do They Offer As An Office Cleaning Company?

It is critical that you also know of any other cleaning services that the office cleaning company offers aside from just mopping floors. Check whether they even clean windows, clean carpets, and any janitorial services.

4. What Is Their Years Of Experience?

Knowing the duration of the time that the office cleaning company has been in service is also an important factor to note. There is absolutely nothing wrong in dealing with a young cleaning business. But then, there are a lot fewer risks involved if you work with a cleaning company that has been in the business a lot longer and has an excellent cleaning record.

5. Rates and Charges?

This is the all-important question as it touches on finances. So, don’t just stick to knowing the rates. You can also ask why the company is charging such rates. Know exactly what you are going to be paying for; the kind of services they will offer, the number of workers they will allocate to work in your premises, etc.

6. Do They Have Referrals?

Great professional cleaning companies will always have referrals that you can use to assess the company’s work. So, unless you are the cleaning company’s first customer, ask for at least two or three referrals. You may learn valuable information from some of the references about the cleaning service.

7. Do They Have Partnerships With Other Companies?

This question will let you know whether the cleaning company has enough experience to work with your business. If they work with other companies in the same field as yours, the better. You will know that they can handle the job.

8. Will you have the same cleaner/s continually maintaining my facility?

It is also necessary to know whether you will be having new streams of cleaners coming into your business premises or just a few long-term cleaners. If the company offers long-term repeat cleaners, the better as they will have a better understanding of your facility as time goes by. So, they will be able to meet most of your requirements.

9. Do They Offer Weekend and/or Night Office Cleaning Services?

Part of the reason why you want to hire a commercial office cleaner, is so that you can have more time and energy to focus on your business. Making it unreasonable to hire a cleaning company whose employers can only work during office hours.

10. Do They Have Staff Supervision?

You also need to know whether the workers assigned to clean your offices will have a supervisor or someone who manages them. Someone who you can also report to in case of an issue. Look for a cleaning agency that actively oversees its workers and not waits until when there is a complaint to act.

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