SBC Member Spotlight: Missoula Copy CenterPrint

Missoula Copy Center Owner Doug Hannan joins us for this SBC Member Spotlight.

1. Tell us about your business or organization in 10 words or less.

We copy, print, design, make signs and sell safety supplies.

2. What makes your business sustainable, and why is it important?

We buy our products and supplies from local vendors and spend our money locally. All employees are from Montana and love it here. We provide excellent products at great prices to help other local business and people so they can do more and help others locally.

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3. What is your most favorite part about running a business in the Missoula area?

My favorite part of running a business in Missoula is the interactions with the people of Missoula and making new friends and connections and helping others.

4. What is your least favorite part about running a business in the Missoula area?

There is no place in the world I would rather live or operate my business. My least favorite part is not being able to drive my car in the winter.

5. What is one problem your business faces that you need a magic solution for?

One problem this business faces is changing of times and technology, we just have to continually grow and adapt to the changes. The only magic solution would be a Genie in a bottle.

6. Tell us something we don’t know about your business.

Something not many people know about Missoula Copy Center is that we do a whole lot more than just copying and printing. We make custom signs, sell safety supplies, measuring devices, drafting supplies, survey supplies and builder’s levels and lasers. We also do design work with our graphic designer Michael who has a degree in fine art at the UofM.

Photo by Energetechs.

7. How do you compete with large(r) companies to bring people through the door?

We compete with the larger companies by being the most local, best priced and we give more personal attention and do a better job than the larger companies. Here you talk to and see the same people every time you call or come in.

8. If you had unlimited funds to improve your business, what would you do?

If I had unlimited funds to improve my business I would update computers, software, printers and other machinery more often that we already do.

9. What is your favorite Missoula pastime?

My favorite Missoula pastime is going camping with friends and fishing as much as I can.

10. Why are you an SBC member?

I am a SBC member because we believe in recycling and using products and supplies that are better for our environment and machines that use less energy. We are able to network with other businesses with like interests and help each other.

To visit the Missoula Copy Center website, click here!

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