The 6 Forging Process Types For Creating Stainless Steel Corner Guards

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When forging steel or metal, there are three primary ways in which the forging process can go. However there are subsets to each of these forging processes, and in this article, we have taken the liberty to compile a list of the three (well, four really) forging styles out there as well as go over their unique subset styles to better understand how stainless steel corner guards are forged.

And here you may have thought it was a relatively simple procedure that involved very little to forge and create something with steel.

The 6 Forging Process Types For Creating Stainless Steel Corner Guards

# 1 – Impression Die Forging

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This process is also known as closed-die forging as this process takes two metal alloys or the same metal alloy that has a specific imprint or die on their surface and brings them closer. This is a very versatile forging process as in this process a person can forge several metal alloys together.

# 2 – Cold Forging

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The cold forging process is a very encompassing process in a sense there are several things that the steel or metal, must undergo before it is ready to take a form or take on a shape.

Some of the steps involved are:

  • cold drawing
  • cold heading
  • coining
  • punching
  • extrusion
  • thread rolling

and there are still other several procedures involved when creating the shape.

This is a rather lengthy process, as many of the other styles on this list. But the results are some of the most creative and most visually splendid steel designs to come across.

# 3 – Open Die Forging

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This process is called the open die forging because it is not, the metal, confined laterally by impression dies during the whole forging process. In this process, the metal works by getting the metal to take on the firm of a particular shape.

# 4 – Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

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The Seamless Rolled Ring Forging process takes the metal you want to forge and places it in a rolling process which fires the metal into a rectangular shape. In this state, it is much easier to form and bend the metal into whatever way you may desire.

This process of metal forging is excellent for:

  •  energy generation
  • mining
  • aerospace
  • off-highway equipment
  • and other critical applications

# 5 – Press Forging

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In this process, the forging process works by adding pressure to the metal. It is a rather slow process but a more versatile process as you can forge the metal while it is hot or while it is cold. This process, however, is by no means as fast as some of the other steel forging methods on this list.

# 6 – Upset Forging

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This forging process is done in particular kinds of machines and is one of the most advanced ways to forge metal.

There Are Many Other Styles Of Forging

There are many other styles of forging, and it would be a good idea to do more research on forging as we are sure you will be blown away at the many different styles out there.

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