Top 6 Call Centre Interview Questions And Answers

Any job you apply for will always require you to answer interview questions. Interview questions are meant to help interviewers understand and get to know you better. It also gives you a better chance of being hired. Call centre companies also do the same. These top 6 call centre interview questions and answers will help you score your interview successfully;

1. Tell Me About Yourself

This question is meant to warm you up and make you feel comfortable during your interview. Most importantly, it helps the interviewers get to know you better and give you a chance to talk freely about yourself. Avoid talking about your likes, hobbies and personal life. Instead, focus on your experiences and make sure they are all related to the job you are applying for. Talk more about your skills and how great you are at them. You can say something you didn’t mention in your resume.

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2. What Do You Understand About Our Company?

It’s always important to carry out a little research before proceeding for an interview. This will also help you prepare yourself and understand perfectly well what the company has to offer. Stating a few details about the company shows how serious you are about working with them. It also shows readiness, willingness and the ability to do a little homework.

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3. Why Did You Apply For This Job Description?

This is your best chance to elaborate on why you want to be employed in the first place. Be sure to state the major reasons and the accomplishments you acquire that collaborate with the position. You can mention words such as providing good customer satisfaction or how good you are at problem-solving. Remember to keep it real to avoid overdoing it.

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4. What Are Your Strengths?

You might have specialized or individualized strengths. The most important thing is for you to state them in accordance with how they’ll benefit the company. Here you can mention things like friendly, supportive or the kind of customer service skills that you have.

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5. What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses

Avoid talking about how terrible you are at your job or how impatient you are. You should instead answer this question like a professional and avoid sending the recruiters on alarm. Keep off things that might diminish your chances of you getting the job. Instead, talk of how much you’re trying to improve on that sector.

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6. Do You Have Any Experience In A Call Centre?

You can go ahead and narrate the experiences you have in the field if you have any. If you have none, you can mention something which relates you to a call center. You shouldn’t be scared because you got the interview in the first place.

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